Penny Farthing Championships

Appmximately15 cars from the PVCC were on display at the Penny Farthing Championships in Ev and ale on Saturday 18 Feb.
The day started with an early morning chill but later warmed up to a summer day! temp 19 deg. Watching the bikes racing around the corners and on the straight is very breath-taking and one wonders how the devil they can stay on! There were lots of stalls, food and merchandise and l even stopped and watched “Punch and Judy”. Great fun. A counter tea that night finished the day off nicely.
Nine cars made the journey to Aberdeen Court on Thursday 16th, stopping at St. Peters Pass and Campbell Town for various reasons. The get-together evening proved to be as popular as ever with lots of food and chatter. Friday was a day of travel! Morning Tea at Deloraine (a quick look at the Op Shop), a run to Mole Creek Hotel, where a great lunch was had by all. What a good job that Hotel does for us.
Then we travelled to the Cheese Factory for a coffee, ice cream or perhaps to buy some cheese! Sunday most of us travelled back down the Highway, I myself calling in at Campbell Town, Ross and Oat-
lands. Thank you all for your company and comradeship and let’s do it all again next year!

– Pam