Bellerive Fort Visit

It was a dreary damp morning for our run to the Bellerive Fort, so off we went in modern, only to find the weather ended up reasonably good.
On arrival at the Regatta Ground we were in the company of the Jaguar Club, who were departing on their own run from the same spot. Our editor Leon joined us at the start for a photographic session, before de-parting for family business. Poor Ivan had to temporarily leave us, to take the Peugeot home and swap it for modern due to a braking issue.
It was decided to head for Bellerive via the Eastern Outlet, Pass Road, Clarence Street and Victoria Espla-nade. The old fort is a bit of a hidden treasure, when in the UK we found similar places with visitor centres, entry fees, gift shops etc – so it is rather nice that this one is left relatively untouched.
A relaxed time was had wandering around the site, poking around various guns, turrets and the grassy areas connecting it all. Back in my school days one could wander freely through the tunnels, but not any more as everything is locked up solid. We were enter-tained by Tony le Fevre’s demonstration that his head size matched the calibre of the large guns!
After a while we were joined by members of the MG Club, who coincidentally were also visiting the fort.
After a very pleasant hour or so, the idea of a picnic lunch was abandoned due to the cool temperature, and we ended up at the cafe bar in the Shoreline Hotel. This is a great spot for a light and affordable lunch, and no booking re-quired.
Everyone present agreed that this was a very pleasant outing, enjoyed by all.

– John