Mystery Scenic Drive

Bit of a mystery this one, “Scenic Drive” – where would that take us? Firstly the weather forecast was a little worrying with widespread showers on the horizon, resulting in us going modern, but they did not eventuate, just a little drizzle in the early afternoon. We departed Cambridge Park in chilly but pleasant conditions, bound for morning tea at Richmond. Cecely had programmed in a generous 75 minute break at Richmond, enabling some to go for walks while others visited the bakery or set up chairs in the car park. Next we headed off towards Campania, but turned right into Fingerpost Road, then left at the highway towards Runnymede. Left turn at Runnymede, then through the pretty areas of Levendale, Woodsdale, Whitefoord, Mt. Seymour and Parattah to Oatlands. A delicious lunch was had at the Pancake and Crepe Place in High Street, where the food was first class and the staff absolutely lovely -they couldn’t do enough for us. There we enjoyed the company of Andrea Banfield, Karen, and Andrea’s dad Kevan. Afterwards, some decided to head straight home, others took the Mud Walls route and enjoyed a cuppa at Campania or the Richmond bakery. This was a very well organised and enjoyable run, thank you Cecely.

– John