My Slice of Pie

Very much a modern cars only event this one with mother nature throwing a thoroughly wintery day at us, with rain and cold being the main features! The Meikles and Goldsmiths were a select little group at the regatta ground meeting point, joined soon by Helen Woolley. On the way to Grove we picked up various members by the roadside, and arrived at our first destination of My Slice of Pie cafe in Dip Road – an establishment which others had been to before but not us. It soon became clear that delicious food and friendly service were in abundance here, not to mention the spectacular views over fields to the Wellington Range, with plenty of fresh snow to add to the sight. Afterwards it was off again, on a bit of a Cook’s tour through the Lucaston area, to our lunch destination of Glen Huon, where more members were awaiting us, with cries of “Where have you been, we’ve been here for ages”. By now the rain had increased somewhat, but the excellent covered barbecue area did its job and kept us dry. A lovely spot, I must have driven past it many times yet didn’t know about it. A warming hot lunch was eagerly consumed, followed by the usual club chit chat. It goes to show that a bit of winter weather need not prevent us from enjoying an outing, even though the club cars were left at home – accompanying photos feature the great view from the cafe, without any club cars to photograph! Thanks Cecely for the organising this event, the day was enjoyed by all present.

– John