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Our members enjoy discounts at select automotive suppliers across Tasmania.


Enjoy frequent use of your vehicle on a variety of outings, shows and community events.


As a member enjoy the benefits of affordable Vintage Vehicle car club registration.

Knowledge Base

Share in the combined vehicular knowledge of your fellow members.


You’ll love the family friendly, community orientated culture of our ever growing club.

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Whether you own a classic car or you would simply like to have greater involvement in the Post Vintage Car Club you can do so by simply downloading and completing a new membership form. Financial Members are entitled to discount Club Vehicle registration as well as the right to attend Club Committee meetings to assist in the continual running and management of the club and its subsequent activities. At present Membership fees are $60.00 per family and a additional $10.00 initial joining fee. To download the form click below.

If you are a current member and wish to renew your membership please complete the renewal form by clicking below. Membership Renewal does not include the $10.00 joining fee paid at your initial Club Registration. Please note that membership fee’s for 2015-16 have remained unchanged.

We’re proud to offer a discounted membership for our younger, aspiring members of the club as well as affiliate members. Concessional membership is issued at the discretion of the Committee of Management at a cost of $10.00


Application Form


Application Form


Application Form